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Weekly Theme Classes: Flywheel Miami

Please join us in congratulating Flywheel DC member Sammy Moskowitz, our fifth Hall of Change inductee! After Sammy’s best friend (an avid Flywheel rider) passed away, Sammy continued her legacy by turning up her own Torq. As a result, she found her fitness level, confidence, and energy skyrocket. Click below to read her entire story, which redefines what it means to FLY with a friend…and for a friend.​


Hey, Challengers: We’ve got healthy perks to keep you super motivated! In North Miami, Catered Fit meal prep & delivery company will be sampling meals in-studio (you can also win a week of free meals!). In Miami Beach, Raw Juce is giving all FLY members and Challenge participants 10% off single purchases and $20 off 3, 5, and 7-day cleanses. 


Start May the FLY way. Crush some RPMs in Chris’ Turn Up Tuesday ride or Erica and Lee’s Cinco de Mayo dual in Miami Beach, and don’t miss Lindsay’s 90s hip-hop ride or Carly’s glow in the dark pulse in North Miami. There are plenty more themes to power your week, so click below and grab your bikes and mats.

North Miami | Lindsay’s 90′s Hip Hop Ride | Wednesday 5/3 | 8:30 AM |Book a Bike!
North Miami | Chris’ Weekend PreGame Ride | Friday 5/5 | 10:30 AM |Book a Bike!
North Miami | Carly’s Glow in the Dark Pulse | Wednesday 5/3 | 6:00 PM |Book a Bike!
Miami Beach | Chris’ Turn Up Tuesday Ride | Tuesday 5/2  | 6:30 PM  Book a Bike!
Miami Beach | Erica and Lee’s Cinco de Mayo Dual Ride | Friday 5/5 | 5:45 PM | Book a Bike!
Miami Beach | Amy’s Birthday Ride | Sunday 5/7 | 7:30 AM | Book a Bike!
Miami Beach | Lee’s Brunch on the Fly Ride | Sunday 5/7 | 12:30 AM | Book a Bike!



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There’s no denying singer-songwriter Betty Who knows a good tune when she hears one (and if you haven’t heard her summer hit “I Love You Always Forever” you’re in for a treat).  With amazing rhythms and catchy lyrics, her Favorite Summer Jams FLYtunes playlist features songs that are perfect whether you’re poolside or relaxing with your toes in the sand. Listen here on Spotify, and get ready to set the mood for any festivity. 

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FLYTunes: #FlashbackFLYDay

Flywheel - FLYTunes Post - V1

Say it with us: it’s Friday! To kick off your weekend festivities, we’re bringing back our favorite tunes from the 90s (but leaving the scrunchies and overalls behind). FLY back in time with us, and ride it out to The Notorious B.I.G’s rhythmic club bumper “Hypnotize,” Pearl Jam’s rocker ballad “Alive,” and TLC’s independence anthem “No Scrubs.” Shout-out to our all-star instructors, Dena Shata, Ashley Liu Kirkman, Monica Felice Smith, Cathy O’Meara, Dena Vammino, Elaine Randant and Morgan Mastin, for putting together this fresh mix!

Warning: Side effects of this playlist may include increased nostalgia, adrenaline and an understandable desire to bust out your boombox.

2010 Flashback #FLYTunes


It’s Flywheel’s 6th anniversary! To celebrate, we’re FLYing back in time to where it all began: 2010. Coincidentally, this was the perfect excuse to ask our founder, Ruth Zukerman, and a few of our original instructors, Kate Hickl, Grant Belton, Gina Racz, Aleah Stander and Angela Lutin to help us put together the ULTIMATE throwback playlist. Beliebers, get ready – this is not Just A Dream. Continue reading