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Power Into Summer: Get Fit, Feel FLY!


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Four Common Nutrition Myths


Image courtesy of C’est La Vegan

As you know, there is a lot of nutrition information to be found, whether it’s on the Internet, from family or friends, in the newest fad diet book, or amongst health professionals. Sadly, a lot of the information is either incorrect or interpreted incorrectly, which ends up perpetuating a number of nutrition myths that can be detrimental to your overall healthy eating goals. We’ve gotten a lot of these types of questions from FLY Challengers in the past, especially on the weekly calls, so we are addressing the most common myths. Read on, and then munch on.

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2Q== You’ve made it…Almost! As we enter the final week of the Challenge, it’s important to celebrate your dedication and all of the positive changes you’ve made. And of course, it’s vital to keep up the great work so you can continue to succeed. With that, here are some tips from Flywheel Chicago Challenge Coach Rachel Paus, FlyBarre NYC Challenge Coach Daniella Ortega, and C&J Nutrition for keeping up the momentum! Continue reading

Kick Off 2016: Get Fit With FLY

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