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Weekly Theme Classes: Flywheel NJ

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Please join us in congratulating Flywheel DC member Sammy Moskowitz, our fifth Hall of Change inductee! After Sammy’s best friend (an avid Flywheel rider) passed away, Sammy continued her legacy by turning up her own Torq. As a result, she found her fitness level, confidence, and energy skyrocket. Click below to read her entire story, which redefines what it means to FLY with a friend…and for a friend.​ Read more HERE


Start May the FLY way. Crush some RPMs in Candee’s Janet Jackson ride on Wednesday or Sean’s Disco Dancing ride on Thursday! Plus, catch all NEW time slots with Amanda (Wednesdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 4pm) and Sean (Sundays at 11:30am), starting this week.

  • Sean’s Disco Dancing Ride | Thurs. 5.4 | 6:00 PM | Book a Bike!
  • Candee’s Janet Jackson Ride | Wed. 5.3 | 9:30 AM | Book a Bike!
  • Amanda’s NEW Slot | Wed. 5.3 | 6:30 PM | Book a Bike!
  • Sean’s NEW Slot | Sun. 5.7 | 11:30 AM | Book a Bike!
  • Amanda’s NEW Slot | Sun. 5.7 | 4:00PM | Book a Bike!


It’s time to celebrate all the FLY moms and amazing women in your life! Come by for a class on Saturday, shop our retail collection and enjoy a pop-up shop featuring Bonnie Jennifer Jewelry. Plus, Parkers Petals will be joining us Saturday, 5/13, so mark your calendars for some last-minute Mother’s Day shopping!


Go for a ride and then enjoy a 45-minute vinyasa yoga flow (led by Alison Grzyb) to strengthen, stretch, restore your body, and improve athletic performance! Sweaty Betty will provide yoga mats for the first 20 people who register! Treats will also be served post-class. To sign up, email your Flywheel username to JResnick@Flywheelsports.com. Space is limited and available on a first come, first served basis.


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March Rider and Pulser of the Month

Meet Dr. Robert Hutchinson and Charlotte Baxter Maines, our March Rider and Pulser of the month. Here, Robert and Charlotte share the unique experiences they’ve had at Flywheel, and showcase the immense impact both workouts have had on their lives. Read about their journeys below and don’t forget to submit your story for April!

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Dawn Patrol: The Benefits of An Early Morning Workout

dawn-patrol-03-main580Prefer an AM sweat session?  Whether you jump out of bed the minute your eyes open or slam the snooze button seven times before you take on your am sweat session, one thing is for certain: morning exercisers are more likely to stick to their routines and approach their day with a positive and focused mind. Dedicated Flywheel riders and pulsers “Rise ‘n FLY” for  our Dawn Patrol classes knowing our high-energy instructors will help prepare them for the day ahead. Although 5:45 am may sound crazy, you better believe there’s a waitlist! We asked our frequent Dawn Patrol instructors to share their tricks for getting out of bed, staying committed and why they love working out before the rest of the world is even awake. Continue reading

Couples Who FLY Together, Stay Together

Ahhhh, love is in the air…or wait, is that some fun competition we sense? Flywheel riders and pulsers across the country often FLY with their significant others as way to spend some quality time together, but others do so to show their partner just who’s boss! From swapping partners (on the TorqBoard!), to pushing each other to their max RPM, we gathered #FLYLove stories from some of our favorite couples. Do you plan on turning up the torq…we mean heat, on Valentine’s Day?

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