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Fall is in the air and fresh FLYgear has landed! Get lost in deep sea blue shades, slip on our super soft sports bras, crush classes in our new performance tanks and RIDE leggings, and stock up on our new slogan tanks. Whether you choose to “Live for the Ride” or “Push Yourself”, one thing’s for sure: our new collection is a perfect fit for your back-to-September shopping list.

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It’s been less than a week since we’ve debuted our brand refresh, but Flywheel has been powering lives since the very beginning. From helping our FLYFam shed inches and pounds to giving them the confidence and mental strength to overcome challenges, the benefits of riding and pulsing go way beyond the studio — they live in the body, heart, the mind, and the spirit. Check out four amazing stories below and then ask yourself: ‘How has Flywheel powered my life?’ We guarantee you’ll feel inspired to keep up the amazing work.

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RIDE IT OUT! Flywheel Instructors’ Tips for Crushing a Ride


Karen Maxwell - LA2When they aren’t on the podium leading a class, Flywheel instructors can be found working out amongst the crowd. And, just like us, they often have to dig deep to channel their inner strength and overcome plateaus. Here’s a peek into why they love to FLY, plus what motivates them when the going – and the Torq – gets tough.

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Fifty-Five and FLY!


In December of 2013, a friend invited me to my first Flywheel class. I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I purchased a five-pack right off the bat. One afternoon after class, Jenna Bertram, a Flywheel and FlyBarre instructor, encouraged me to sign up for the upcoming six-week FlyBarre Challenge. I didn’t know anything about FlyBarre and hadn’t even peeked through the studio window to witness a class in progress. Needless to say, I thought to myself, “Sure, why not?” and signed up completely oblivious to what was ahead of me. Continue reading