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week-three-donna-lauren-main580The 28 Days To Fit Challenge is about more than taking a 45-minute class and following a nutrition plan. It’s about developing a newfound, healthy overall lifestyle that’ll last way beyond these four weeks. From taking time to go for a walk in the middle of the workday, or stretching before and after workouts, it’s important to make changes that’ll stick. And it doesn’t have to be difficult.

We tapped into two of our instructor coaches – Donna Cennamano of Flywheel Chicago and Lauren Mavica of FlyBarre Florida – for advice on staying active, and why they practice what they preach. Plus, check out C&J Nutrition’s top tips for keeping your metabolism humming.
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Intuitive Eating: How to Get In Touch With Inner Body Cues


Intuitive eating is all about getting in touch with inner body cues, especially hunger, fullness, and satisfaction.   Flywheel Two-Week Tune-Up nutritionists, Willow and Stephanie of C&J Nutrition weigh in on the concept of tapping into those body cues and learning to understand whether you’re eating out of boredom, stress, or other non-physical reasons.  These tips will be especially helpful as you transition from the from the challenge nutrition plan back to eating on your own.

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Breaking the Code of Late-Night Binging


Meet our Two-Week Tune-Up Nutritionists, Stephanie Clark & Willow Jarosh

We’ve had many clients, friends, and family members tell us that they are really happy with their food choices during the day — and even at dinner — but that there’s something about those late evening hours that make them fall prey to mindless munching. If you find that your after-dinner eats are derailing your healthy eating efforts, you’re certainly not alone.  Here are the most common reasons you may be overeating at night and some realistic ways to curb the noshing, so you can feel your best for the long haul.

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