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Seattle Rider Aubrei McGinn Pallini Shares Her Breast Cancer Story

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Earlier this month, we asked our FLYfam to submit their impactful stories for breast cancer awareness month. After reading endless amazing submissions, we selected Aubrei McGinn Pallini, a rider at Flywheel Bellevue who battled breast cancer at the early age of 30. In addition to sharing her inspiring story, she is also receiving a private ride with funds benefiting the BCA charity of her choice. Read on for her journey, and how she found solace in the stadium.

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BCA: Flywheel Instructor Candee’s Story of Survival

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Flywheel Millburn instructor Candee McAloon was diagnosed with — and conquered — breast cancer twice in a span of five years. What kept her strong? “Always keep your head up. That’s how I stayed positive while battling through Stage 0 and Stage 1 breast cancer.” Candee’s story inspires us in more ways than one. Refusing to let breast cancer direct her life, she focused her energy on raising her two young children and continued teaching at Flywheel while enduring exhausting treatments and chemotherapy. While many riders look to their instructors for motivation, Candee says it was her riders’ dedication that kept her going. Read her story here: Continue reading


“I Love Being Back On The Bike!” Alana Trubitz’s Story of Survival


Alana Trubitz’s life was turned upside down just seven months ago.  During a routine breast exam at her gynecologist’s office, she was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer.  While the tumor was confined to one area, the cancer was so aggressive that the doctors wanted to treat her entire body.  A self-proclaimed “Flywheel junkie,” Alana turned to Flywheel for encouragement and support both mentally and physically.  While her doctors prohibited her from exercising prior to her first chemo treatment, she was back on the bike just seven days later.  Alana was determined to fight and get through what she called “the worst days of [her] life.”

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