Over the years, we’ve seen incredible transformations during our FLY Challenge. Whether our participants set out to lose weight, get stronger, boost their confidence or lift their mood, no goal has been off-limits. Our most recent Challenge helped our FLY Fam start 2017 strong. Below are a few amazing highlights, so read on for some inspiration and motivation!

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How One Rider Found Strength and Happiness at Flywheel


Washington, DC rider and fitness enthusiast Kelly Anderson wasn’t going to let a health issue get in the way of her active lifestyle. Read on to discover how she’s staying mentally and physically strong, dominating the TorqBoard, and finding endless support at Flywheel.

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7 Questions with Tough Mudder’s Founder Will Dean

WD Headshot - 2[1]

For Tough Mudder founder Will Dean, there’s much more to fitness than getting your heart pumping and sweat flowing. We sat down with this thrill-seeking entrepreneur to chat about escaping your comfort zone, overcoming obstacles (both literally and figuratively!), pushing your mental and physical limits, and finding the camaraderie to get you to the finish line. 

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Guy Power: How One Rider Achieved Success at Flywheel


To celebrate Men’s Health month in November, we looked for FLY guys who have transformed in the studio. After sifting through the submissions, we selected Michael Berlin – a rider at Flywheel Old Town in Chicago – who achieved mind-body benefits thanks to the bike. Read on, and let his story inspire you to clip in with your guy pals.

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