Guy Power: How One Rider Achieved Success at Flywheel


To celebrate Men’s Health month in November, we looked for FLY guys who have transformed in the studio. After sifting through the submissions, we selected Michael Berlin – a rider at Flywheel Old Town in Chicago – who achieved mind-body benefits thanks to the bike. Read on, and let his story inspire you to clip in with your guy pals.

How did you first start coming to Flywheel?

I’ve always been active, mainly through community sports and running. My wife had been going to Flywheel in NYC and when we moved to Chicago, she continued to go to the studios here. It was getting too cold to run outside, and the treadmill was getting depressing so I figured I’d give it a shot.

How has Flywheel positively impacted your health and fitness journey?

Flywheel has become a part of my everyday life. I’m at the studio five to six days per week.  I feel great, have lost weight, and am in the best cardio condition of my life.  My mental health has also significantly improved.  I start each day more motivated, with a clear head, and get more accomplished on days that I FLY compared to days that I don’t.

Why do you think it’s important for men to take hold of their health and wellness?

There is a lot in this world that you can’t control. You can control your own body, health, and well-being. Those will all play a huge role in your happiness on a day-to-day basis. And if you are happy, more often than not, the people around you will be happy, and life will be good.

How has your Old Town FLYfam supported you on your journey?

I feel like the mayor when I walk into Flywheel. The front desk is always incredibly welcoming. They know what bike I’m on, what size shoe I wear, and more importantly, they ask me about my life and my newborn daughter. The staff is so incredibly courteous.  And the instructors are like no other.  I usually get a few minutes of conversation in either before or after class. They are so genuine and caring, while still providing an amazing workout in the stadium.  The whole squad is great at what they do.

What would you tell other guys who are thinking of trying a ride?

Stop thinking and just try it. I was extremely hesitant to go for the first time, and I thought of all the excuses. Sure, the first class will be a bit of a challenge. The second one might be, too. Give it a fair shot and let your body recover a little – soon, you’ll be hooked and on the bike three, four times a week. I’m very happy that I started, and have been part of the Flywheel family for nearly two years.

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