The Best Supercharged Moisturizers for a Post-Class Glow


Dealing with cracked skin, dry patches, or chapping? As the temperatures dip and harsh winter winds pick up, moisture is the first thing to leave your skin. Fortunately, a class of rich, emollient cold-weather creams are here to help. These formulas are all about breathing life back into drained faces. After a good sweat and a thorough cleanse, apply any of these moisturizers liberally for that post-class glow. Here, our 11 favorite creams for winter’s deep-freeze days to reapply all winter long.

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Why Eating Breakfast Should Be Your “Thing”!


There’s nothing quite like the start of the week to ponder life’s greatest mysteries. Instead of writing a million reasons why I think you should be chomping away on that first meal, I’ve asked eight other people, people like me and you, to tell me why they think breaking fast is important. Oh, and what they like to eat when breaking said fast of course!

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