Alyson Charles Talks Mindfulness, Spirituality, and Finding Your Inner Zen


After facing a personal trauma, Alyson Charles underwent a spiritual awakening, leading her to become a Global Television Host, Healer, and Wellness Expert. As a member of the Power Council for our Power Into Summer Challenge, she sat down with us to discuss what it took to become a #RockstarShaman, how she learned to practice mindfulness, and why growth truly starts when you leave your comfort zone.

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Power Into Summer: Get Fit, Feel FLY!


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Another Challenge down, many more lives impacted! We’ve gotten hundreds of success stories from those who have transformed their bodies, boosted confidence, and gained new friends with our Get Fit With FLY Challenge. Check out our Q&A with three participants and discover how four, fit weeks changed their lives for the better.

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Four Common Nutrition Myths


Image courtesy of C’est La Vegan

As you know, there is a lot of nutrition information to be found, whether it’s on the Internet, from family or friends, in the newest fad diet book, or amongst health professionals. Sadly, a lot of the information is either incorrect or interpreted incorrectly, which ends up perpetuating a number of nutrition myths that can be detrimental to your overall healthy eating goals. We’ve gotten a lot of these types of questions from FLY Challengers in the past, especially on the weekly calls, so we are addressing the most common myths. Read on, and then munch on.

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