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From becoming more motivated to fine-tuning their healthy eating habits, our 7-Day Summer Challengers achieved incredible success in just one week. Check out their stories  plus an exclusive recipe from Challenge nutritionist and Flywheel Boston instructor Rachele Pojednic – and let them inspire you to FLY with a little more power. 

Joan Pedley, Flywheel NYC

What motivated you to sign up for the Challenge? 

It was the idea that, in seven days, I could jump-start not only my fitness, but my nutrition.  I always focused on eating healthy, but wanted to learn more about how eating well and exercising together can make a difference.  I was also so excited to see two of my favorite NYC instructors participating. Knowing that they were there to help me eliminated my fear of signing up.

What was your favorite part of the Challenge?

I loved the community. We were all in it together, whether we were excited about classes or admitting that we were struggling with energy or a score.  It was great to see that I wasn’t alone and that our coaches were right there with us.  I felt encouraged to see everyone’s posts each day and to receive ongoing encouragement. I’m also eating healthy foods that I wasn’t before –  like nuts and avocados – both things that I avoided because I thought they were too fattening. Now I eat them for their health benefits.

What type of results did you see or feel after the week was over?

I felt stronger! Also, by eating better, I wasn’t hungry all the time and started snacking less. I also have more energy for my workouts. I will definitely sign up to do it again!


Tameka B Moss, Flywheel Back Bay, Boston

What motivated you to sign up for the Challenge? 

It was an opportunity to bring my fitness journey to a new level and connect with my Back Bay FLYFam!

What was your favorite part of the Challenge?

As a member who regularly takes 6-9 wheel and barre classes a week, I appreciated this opportunity to refocus and recommit. I loved the Challenge group on Facebook. It was a great place to support one another, share questions, accomplishments, answers, ideas, recipes, and nutritional finds. I found the meal plan to be balanced and realistic, and I received practical advice and access to an instructor who is also a nutritionist. Knowing that my coaches were there for me made this a truly transformative week.

What type of results did you see or feel after the week was over?

In addition to feeling accomplished, motivated, and excited to see what I can achieve throughout the month, I lost 7lbs!


Shelley O’Rourke, Flywheel Center City, PA

What motivated you to sign up for the Challenge? 

I was motivated to take part because our studio encouraged staff members to participate and we had an accountability board in our office!

What was your favorite part of the Challenge?

It’s a tie between getting to try new instructors and time slots and the spirit of camaraderie that rang through the studio all week. I really felt the #FLYFam presence that makes the Flywheel community so wonderful.

What type of results did you see or feel after the week was over?

I felt really energized and inspired (especially after I’d get those early morning classes in!) Even though at some points I felt I would not be able to get through it, I always did and felt stronger afterwards, which was so rewarding. It was a great mental boost as well; I realized it was possible to manage my time and make it to a bunch of classes. It had me thinking: Why am I not doing this every week?


Anthony Sacchetti & Nils Hasche, Flywheel Astor Place

What motivated you to sign up for the Challenge? 

After our first experience with the Power Into Summer Challenge, this was an exciting time to officially jump-start the new season.

What was your favorite part of the Challenge?

The meal plans and suggestions were a great addition to the Challenge, as well as the constant support from all of our great instructors.

What type of results did you see or feel after the week was over?

We had increased energy and stamina, continued to see improvements in our health and wellness, dropped some additional weight, and we were sleeping really well!

Anything else to share?

We started our Flywheel journey in April after we both made a commitment to ourselves to improve our health and wellness. We also needed an outlet that would benefit Nils’ previous injuries to his low back and found that Flywheel is a great low impact, strength building cardiovascular workout. The entire staff welcomed us with open arms from day one, and has constantly encouraged us to Never Coast. Shout out to our regular instructors Lissa, Sergei, Emily B., Mario and Ben for being great motivators, compassionate individuals, and pushing us to break free from our perceived limitations.


Jenna Rogalski, Club Coordinator, Flywheel Center City, PA

What motivated you to sign up for the Challenge? 

So many riders and FLYFam team members seemed so excited about the Challenge. Their excitement definitely motivated me to do it, too!

What was your favorite part of the Challenge?

It was something to look forward to every day. We all have full schedules and juggle a few projects throughout the week, but rather than viewing it as an additional obligation, I woke up each morning looking forward to those 45-minutes where I could just let go; I put that long to-do list behind me and focused on the ride. It was also exciting and reassuring to walk into the studio and see a bunch of familiar faces. The energy in the room spoke to that too—when I knew there were a bunch of other Challengers in there with me, it became more than a workout. We got to share this experience together!

Instructor Rachele Pojednic’s Grilled Shrimp, Corn, Avocado and Red Pepper Salad Recipe:

Ingredients: Six peeled and deveined shrimp, olive oil, 1/2 red bell pepper, 1/2 avocado, 1 ear of corn, 3 scallions sliced, cilantro, 1 clove garlic minced, 1 lime, and 1 jalapeno chili for spice

Directions: Season shrimp with olive oil, salt and pepper and place on grill or broiler until cooked through. While shrimp is cooking, take 1/2 red bell pepper and season with oil, salt and pepper. Remove shrimp from grill and replace with red pepper until lightly charred. Chop the cooked shrimp and peppers together and place in a bowl. Use a sharp knife to scrape the kernels of corn from the husk (corn can be grilled inside the husk, steamed after shucking, or just eaten raw) in a bowl with the scallions and add handful of chopped cilantro, juice from 1/2 of the lime, chili pepper, garlic and 1 tbsp. of oil. Mix together until well coated. Add shrimp and peppers and toss. Garnish with slices of avocado and enjoy!

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