1,000 Rides and Going Strong!

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Birds of a feather FLY together! We are constantly inspired by our FLYFam’s dedication to achieving their goals, and our all-star Flywheel Millburn member Tom Miller just hit 1,000 rides! To celebrate and commemorate his success, we sat down with Tom, who told us how it all began.

What motivated you to start FLYing?

Tom: In October 2007, I developed a bad case of plantar fasciitis in my foot and after hobbling through the NYC Marathon, I started cycling a lot at the Chatham Club, where I met my wife. And despite having surgery on my knee in 2009, I still haven’t been able to run again. One day, we decided to see what Flywheel was all about. I obviously liked it, and soon started taking 6 to 8 classes a week.

It’s truly inspiring to hear you didn’t let an injury keep you grounded. Can you think back to your first ride and what it was like?

Tom: My first ride was so much more like a race than the classes I had taken before. I compete with myself, which is a good thing because I’m old. And I was extremely impressed with how great the instructors were.

Who are your favorite instructors to take classes with?

Tom: There are many great instructors! My top three are Gina, Jena and Jill. I also really like Candee but I seldom get to take her classes because of my schedule.

In one word, describe how you feel when you FLY.

Tom: Alive. That’s the only word I can think of.

You must have a lot of energy to keep up with them! What is your go-to FLYFuel to keep you energized in the studio?

Tom: When I take multiple classes, I drink orange Gatorade.

Name one person who inspires you inside and outside of the studio.

Tom: Just one? Dean Shonts, Dave Faherty, Aubrey Barr, Rod Dixon, K. V. Switzer, Kimberly Keenan Kirkpatrick, Grete, Fred, and hundreds more.

We have to ask: how does it feel to reach ride number 1,000?

Tom: It was great to ride with some of my favorite instructors in a great class! The most important thing I can say is that the Flywheel Millburn family has always done a great job of creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. The front desk, the instructors, and the maintenance guys all provide an experience that I enjoy immensely.

Now that you’re already crushing it, what’s one goal that you have for the future?

Tom: My goal is to keep on moving and not look back, because as baseball player Satchel Paige once said, someone might be gaining on you! I wasn’t a fast runner, but I have every race number I ever wore, and now that I’m not racing, I am collecting race credentials instead of medals. Being a rider is basically the next phase of my life to compensate for not being able to run.

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