10 Inspiring FLY Stories of 2016

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We’re taking a look back at the most inspiring, impactful stories of 2016.

Stephanie’s FLY story:

Some people run marathons… and others create them. New York City rider Stephanie Golden turned her passion into a mission when she discovered that she loved taking back-to-back Flywheel classes. Not only did riding help increase her fitness level, but it also helped her raise money for several charities she holds close to her heart.

Tom’s FLY story:

All-star Flywheel Millburn member Tom Miller hit 1,000 rides in April! We were so inspired by his success that we sat down with Tom, who told us how it all began.

Alyssa’s FLY story:

In June, we received countless submissions for the coveted Flywheel Hall of Change title. When stumbling upon Alyssa Welsh’s success story, we knew we found something special. After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, Alyssa struggled to stay in shape and feel good. After taking her first Flywheel class at the Bellevue studio, Alyssa fell in love with the workout. Within six months, Alyssa was over 50 pounds lighter and felt better than ever.

Jeff’s FLY story:

For Jeff Patrick, a Bank of America director from Miami Beach, his Flywheel story began with “enough is enough.” In January of 2015, he walked into Flywheel to take his first class after signing up for the Challenge. Weighing around 230 pounds and unhappy with his weight, the goal was simply to trim down. After losing 15 pounds in the first Challenge alone, he was hooked. Over a year later, with more than 60 pounds lost, Jeff has more than surpassed his goal. He’s completed five half marathons, a 545-mile AIDS/Lifecycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and another seven-day ride this past month. 

Julie’s FLY story:

Julie Szymczak is a sociologist and health services researcher living in Philadelphia. She always made physical fitness a part of her life, since her time as a multi-sport athlete in high school. Since moving to Philadelphia for graduate school 10 years ago, she participated in different fitness activities including running, weight training and group exercise. Also an indoor cyclist for about 4 years, she took classes at local gyms and studios — that’s where she met Jesse Spiegel, an instructor at Flywheel. She recently celebrated her one-year FLY-versary, and took some time to share how Flywheel has changed her life.

Daniel and Alexandra’s FLY story: 

Daniel Cullins and Alexandra Jennings grew up in the same Dallas town and went to the same college. But it was after they moved home after graduation and attended a Flywheel class that their journey together really began. We were so inspired by how their relationship got stronger in the stadium and how Daniel planned the ultimate (surprise) FLY proposal.

Aubrei’s FLY story:

In October, we asked our FLYfam to submit their impactful stories for breast cancer awareness month. After reading endless amazing submissions, we selected Aubrei McGinn Pallini, a rider at Flywheel Bellevue who battled breast cancer at the early age of 30. In addition to sharing her inspiring story, she is also receiving a private ride with funds benefiting the BCA charity of her choice. Read on for her journey, and how she found solace in the stadium.

Tameka’s FLY story:

For Tameka Moss from Boston, fitness was never a community experience. She would go to the gym, clock her time, and head out. As her career took off, her weight and overall health were put on the backburner and her gym time never left her inspired. Fast forward two years, and Flywheel is now an integral part of her daily life. She’s lost over 30 pounds and 10 inches, started a business, taken hold of her life, and has been named our fourth Hall of Change inductee! Through the support of Flywheel and her #FLYfam, Tameka learned that anything is possible.

Michael’s FLY Story:

To celebrate Men’s Health month in November, we featured Michael Berlin – a rider at Flywheel Old Town in Chicago – who achieved mind-body benefits thanks to the bike.

7-Day Challenge Stories:

From becoming more motivated to fine-tuning their healthy eating habits, our first ever 7-Day Summer Challengers achieved incredible success in just one week. Check out their stories and let them inspire you to FLY with a little more power. 


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